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Sweet and Salty Care Package with 52 Snacks in Re-Usable Snap Closing Container

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Looking for that perfect gift to send to Special Someone in your life?

This Sweet and Salty Care Package in Re-Useable Snack Bin is perfect for shipping to Soldiers in the Military.  Makes a great gift for College Students to tell them Good Luck on Final Exams, Congratulations, or I Miss You.  Keeps snacks enclosed in a nice snack bin.  


The Care Gift Box will get shipped carefully packed with the following snacks and treats:
*Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Nut Almond Granola Bar -1 (1.2oz)
*Rice Krispies Treats- 2 (1.3oz each)
*Quaker Chocolate Chip Granola Bars- 2 (.84oz each)
*Quaker Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Granola Bars- 2 (.84oz)
*Big Red Gum- 1 (5 sticks)
*Laffy Taffy Ropes - 2 (1 Green Apple, 1 Strawberry)
*Airheads-6 (.55oz : Random flavors, may be Blue Rasp, Grape, Orange, Watermelon, Mystery, or Cherry)
*Twizzlers- 4 Individual Strawberry Twists
*Motts Fruit Snacks- 1 (.8oz)
*Kellogg's Fruit Snacks- 1 (.8oz)
*Cheez-its - 1 (1.5oz)
*Lance Toasty Cracker with Peanut Butter- 1 (6ct pack)
*Lance Toast Chee with PB- 1 (6ct pack)
*ACT II Popcorn Butter Lovers- 1 (2.75oz Bag)
*Cracker Jacks- 1 (1.25oz)
*Gardetto's- 1 (1.75oz)
*Doritos-1 (1oz)
*Cheetos-1 (1oz) *Snyder Pretzels- 1 (1.5 oz)
*Planters Peanuts- 2 (1oz)
*Slim Jims- 4 (.28 oz)
*Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies- 1 (2oz)
*Blow Pops Full Size- 4 (flavors chosen at random)
*Tootsie Pops Full Size-4 (flavors chosen at random)
*Crystal Light Sticks- 4 (1 of each flavor: Lemonade, Cherry Pomegranate, Wild Strawberry with Caffeine, Raspberry Lemonade)
*Werther Originals-2

Will arrive shrink wrapped in a re-usable plastic snack box that measures 14" x 8" x 5".

Add to cart NOW to send a SMILE to someone special.  Money Back/Product Replacement Satisfaction Guarantee.

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