Candy Mix - Sugary Sweet Lovers - 5 Pounds Bulk Candy

Sale price $26.00 Regular price $33.99

Catered Cravings has put together this candy mixture to include a bit of everything from Old Fashion candy to modern loves.

What a great assortment of candy!  5 lbs. of kid's and kids at heart favorite candy choices.  This mixture includes classic Starburst flavors, classic Jolly Rancher Flavors, Smarties, Sweetart Twists, Smartie Lollipops, Tootsie Roll Flavors, Atomic Fireballs, Lemonheads, and Jaw Busters.  

This candy assortment will ship in a 8"x8"x6" Catered Cravings box and will the candy assortment will weigh in at 5 lbs.  Settling may occur.  Candy Jar is NOT included.  For display purposes only.

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